John Andrew Cunningham BSC Hons, MIET, CEng 0776 3159014
John Andrew CunninghamBSC Hons, MIET, CEng0776


Customer Service


With 15 years experience managing World Wide professional services, personally capturing customer requirements, establishing C level relationships, implementing code release and test strategies to minimise customer operational impact, controlling daily stand ups to react quickly to defects, significantly improving service through KPIs, individual accountability and effective monitoring.




Established Support Call Centre, Customer agreed service SLAs, with comprehensive monitoring resulting in a 90% reduction in software defects.


Grew recurring support revenue by 100%, over 3 year period, by introduction of ITIL model, supported by Software development DevOps and World wide regional teams.


Managed C Level relations and product integrations/development for, Bloomberg, BGC, Tradition, ICAP, BT, O2, Vodafone, Google, Mitel, Avaya, Talk Talk, UK Police forces, Apple, Amtrak, VIA, BBC, CBS, NOS, Discovery, Technicolor, NRK.


Over 13 years experience managing and establishing World Wide Professional Services and Support functions, being accountable for Revenue and P&L.

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