John Andrew Cunningham BSC Hons, MIET, CEng 0776 3159014
John Andrew CunninghamBSC Hons, MIET, CEng0776




With extensive product management knowledge, successfully releasing 100s of new products, defining high level strategy, establishing product steering frameworks to ensure stakeholder agreement, creating detailed roadmaps, functional requirements, performing competitor analysis and patent application, agreeing build or buy, constructing operational plans to document: milestones, ROI projections, costs, risks, skill set and software/hardware prerequisites.


Examples of Innovation achieved


Telecommunication's : Inventor of patented telecommunications alerting platform, monitoring voice integrity through communications flow from switch, voice recorder and post capture data integrity checking.


Financial Services : Utilising artificial intelligent voice recognition, together with configurable textual hot lists, providing real time alerts on Traders communications, delivering results through multi channel communications mechanisms.


Call Centres : Delivered voice analysis software to alert supervisors, in real time, of a potential emotional customer call.


Telecommunications : Re-architectured on premises data recording solution to a hosted/SAAS multi tenancy model.


Multi media : Extended telephony voice recording solution to encompass both Video and SMS data.


Multi media : Delivered to a National broadcaster, a country wide content management system, providing data transfer streaming, centralised storage, media annotate, search and retrieval.


Transportation : Delivered to Apple, a mobile application to track status and location of their campus bus fleet. Quoted by Apple as Silicon Valley standard.


TV/Broadcasting : Delivered disruptive technology creating World’s first software only television automation solution (ITX) displacing traditional hardware approach, resulting in high multiple (14 times EBITDA) Company sale.


Enterprise Management : Integrated into one desktop management suite products that installed/upgraded/reconfigured distributed software; performing inventory/license management of network wide IT assets; enabling surveillance/remote control of computers as well as backup/restore and anti virus. Generated £200m of annual revenue.


Ecommerce : Released B2B, B2C Object Oriented Data middleware platform, with multiple web shop fronts and web administration catalogue capability. Used successfully as Computer Associates first B2C site


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