John Andrew Cunningham BSC Hons, MIET, CEng 0776 3159014
John Andrew CunninghamBSC Hons, MIET, CEng0776
Sector Experience:         
Telecommunications     Financial Services    Call Centres         Transportation        Emergency Services
Hosting/SAAS   Broadcasting    Content Management      Avionics

    Enterprise Management

Mobile   Military   Conditional Monitoring    
Telecommunications Multimedia                Web User Interfaces         Data Recording      Mobile Device Management
Data Platforms Rest APIs               AWS and Azure      WIFI

   Asset Management

Monitorng Platforms Security               AI Voice recognition      Data Analaytics    Software Delivery
Agile   Waterfall                   DevOps                        RAD  Test Driven Development
Prince   ITIL             CMMI    Quality KPIs

Six Sigma

C, C++, C#    Java                           Fortran                    Basic        SQL
ASP .Net    HTML                     Java Script           Silver Light

       Rest and Web Services APIs

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