John Andrew Cunningham BSC Hons, MIET, CEng 0776 3159014
John Andrew CunninghamBSC Hons, MIET, CEng0776


Improving Efficiency


Specialist in rearchitecting and transforming legacy software, stabilizing low quality products, solving late delivery, improving ineffective architecture, significantly improving user interface experience, renovating ineffective test strategies and establishing, growing, mentoring and improving team capability.




Through technology transformation, within 1 year, turned PE owned software business, from 75% Loss (Revenue vs. Profit) to first ever profit of £1m.


Within Corporate US Software manufacturer, restructured acquired European distributed development units, unifying products, architecture, source code, build environment, test methodology, resulting in £12m annual saving.


Restructured structure/process, transforming SME business from a project to product centric company, achieving 100% revenue growth.


Solved significant late delivery of software, within SME, through introduction of Agile SDLC, Project Control, Roadmaps and Test Driven Development, resulting in 50% growth.


Within SME software company, reshaped worldwide delivery structure/process improving profit margin by over 40%.

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