John Andrew Cunningham BSC Hons, MIET, CEng 0776 3159014
John Andrew CunninghamBSC Hons, MIET, CEng0776




Have maximised commercial success through rigorous alignment of software development to strategy, reducing time to market through acquisition, delivering innovation to improve sales and reducing costs through streamlining processes, organisational structures and creating near/off shore capability.



Through successful technology and business turn around, sold PE backed SME software business for 14 times EBITDA.


Entrusted with the on time delivery of one of Computer Associates largest integration projects (£200m annual revenue, merging 5 solutions into one common product (500 years of effort).


Successful launches of AI voice analytics/transcription, Hosted/SAAS, multimedia capability, multi browser HTML 5, Mobile, Middleware monitoring platform fuelled sales growth by 30%.


For PE backed SME business, successful product launches delivered created strong financial position enabled £14m bank refinance of Private Equity debt.


Led the technical due diligence acquisition and merger of 6 software companies, scaling to £30m, for US Software Corporation and PE backed SME.


Have managed Software Development teams of over 200, annual budgets to £20m, international teams across US, UK, Europe and Asia; including out source units in UK, Czech republic, Portugal, India and Vietnam.

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